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Classes can be arranged at any time by any interested person.  Please contact Highland Woodshop to set up your own class: private, group or open to the public.  If you don't see a build that interests you here, send us one that does!  We're excited to work with you!

Custom Small Group Events

Are you looking for a unique activity for a small company event, wedding party, shower, or birthday? We've hosted our fair share of small groups and have many awesome options to make your time memorable. From group builds to small group classes, kid and adult events alike, we aim to spend time outside (weather depending), connect your party through craft, make use of every scrap, and leave you and yours inspired. We're pretty excited to share what we do with you! Email for more information. 


White Oak Plant Stand

(One time, 4 hour course)

Course Description:  Understated and modern, our trim little plant stand could feel at home in any room.  Heck you could have one in three different sizes OR it can double as a cake plate! (go ahead, take this class 3 times, we dare ya!)  Students will learn how to glue up boards to make a larger wood surface, use a band saw to cut a perfect circle, and a drill press for fitting dowel legs into your stand.  Fancy Japanese hand saws make an appearance in this course for an added design interest and bragging rights.  What a cute little plant stand!   All materials and tools, including safety goggles and glasses, as well as finishing materials are provided.  Another perfect class for a group of friends, friendly to newbies and experienced woodworkers alike.  There’s something for everyone in this 4 hour course. 

Instructor:  Ashley Merback


Shaker Peg Rack

(One time, 3-4 hour course)

Course Description: Hooks, peg racks, dowels a plenty, every room can use one of these.  And with beautiful, timeless design, this class is a sure fit for all humans.   Students will try their hand on a planer, jointer, table saw, mitre saw AND router, a great way to familiarize yourself with so many machines.  We’ll share with you one of our favorite tricks:  hand making dowels with a power drill!  It’s so fun!  Start perusing your house now for a place to hang one of these babies.  Your coats, towels, purses, scarves, capes and hats will LOVE it! All materials and tools, including safety goggles and glasses and finishing oil, are provided in the class.  Your peg rack will go home with you hang ready.  Another perfect class for woodworkers of all levels. 

Instructor:  Ashley Merback


Staghorn Fern Mounting Class

(One time, 2.5 hour class

Course Description:   Here at Highland Woodshop we call staghorn ferns vegan antlers.  And we think they beat the carnivorous kind any day! Students will learn to plane down a rough cut cedar lumber into smooth wall worthy wood, cut it to size with a miter saw, use a router to cut a keyhole for hanging your fern  and learn proper techniques with a power drill.  All materials and tools, including safety goggles and glasses, are provided in the class.  Perfect for a group of friends looking to dip their toes into wood working for the first time while leaving plenty of room for socializing, even the more experienced woodworker can appreciate the joy of a gorgeous fern hanging on their wall. 

Instructor:  Ashley Merback


Full Day/Series Classes

Next Level Cutting Board

(5 hours, 2 days/evenings)

Course Description: Learn next level woodworking skills in this next level machine woodworking class.  Achieving that perfectly flat piece of wood using a planer or an exact straight edge using a jointer requires some experienced hands. You’ll learn those here! Get ALL the insider tips on wood glue ups and then try your hand at personalizing your beauty with several different machines options, choose your own adventure! Highland Woodshop is your oyster! All materials and tools, including safety goggles and glasses, are provided in the class. No previous woodworking experience needed!

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