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Directions to Highland Woodshop:

We can be difficult to find because our shop is on private property. Please follow these directions because if you GPS our address, it will not take you to the shop.


Enter 1936 NW McDougal Dr. into your GPS. 
This address will take you to our street parking. Park on the curvy part of McDougal. When you park on the curve, you'll see a small Highland Woodshop sign on a stump at the entrance of a small clearing leading to the back of Highland Woodshop. Head down that graveled lane and find us in the big barn. The garage doors will be open. Feel free to text if you are having trouble finding the place: (404) 216-9715. Texting is best because calls don’t always come through at the shop.


Accessible Parking:
For accessible parking, enter Highland Dell Dr. into your GPS without the house number. 1507 NW Highland Dell Dr. is the actual address for accessible parking; however, do not put this address into your GPS because sometimes Google takes you to the back of the house. Once you get to Highland Dell, go straight onto the dirt road at the back of the cul-de-sac and stay left. You’ll run right into the shop.


Accessible Parking:

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