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Highland Woodshop
Corvallis, Oregon

Owners of Highland Woodshop

Woodwork Together! 

A Community Woodshop

Welcome to Highland Woodshop. 


We’re glad you found us. We come from humble, adventurous beginnings and love to share that laid-back sense of friendship through craft with you. We are a small shop, located on a family property, run by three dedicated folks, Ashley Merback, Nat Stein and Katherine Edmonds, who are excited to bring woodshop knowledge and access to our community.


Our model includes monthly/yearly membership options that foster creative community, knowledge sharing, and localized environmental action. We also facilitate classes, teach custom classes for small groups, staff retreats, and private lessons.

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Woodwork Together

Highland Woodshop is a community woodworking shop as well as a folk and nature based craft facilitator in the Willamette Valley.


We offer makerspace options for both the most intimidated beginner and the master craftsperson.


Joining Highland Woodshop is as easy as clicking below. We make woodworking comfortable and fun for everyone!



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