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Highland  Membership

We hope that all of our members have a sense of ownership of the woodshop and we welcome your ideas and contributions, including attending work parties, planning meetings, and social events. 

Membership Tiers:

Membership to Highland Woodshop is on a monthly or yearly basis. 

We have three membership tiers available:

Regular Membership: $200/mo or $2000 yearly

  • Unlimited access to the Woodshop during business hours

  • Guidance and oversight on your woodworking projects

  • Demo nights and community social events

  • 20% discount on classes 

Supporting Membership: $300/mo or $3000 yearly

  • For members who believe in our mission and wish to support us

  • All the benefits of a Regular Membership, plus:

  • Highland Woodshop t-shirt or sweatshirt of your choice

  • 5 hours of private lessons a year.


Working Membership (limited to five members): $100/mo or $1000

  • All the benefits of a regular membership 

  • Must provide 6 hours a month of aid to the Woodshop (shop improvements, social media, administrative tasks, etc).

  • Contact us for details


To become a member of Highland Woodshop, please sign up below. If you are new to Highland, you must take an orientation and safety class regardless of skill level (sign up below).


Drop-in participation 

We encourage long-term memberships because our community is kept strong by creating a high-trust environment but we know there are times when “long-term” commitments can’t be made. We hope this option will keep that from stopping your participation! Drop-in participation fee is $30 per hour and is welcome after attending a safety course.

Private Lessons 

Do you have a specific project or personal woodworking goals you want more one on one guidance Private lessons are available for $50 per hour and can be scheduled at your convenience. We can also teach custom classes for a private group or a staff retreat.


Gift a membership


Want to give a membership to a friend or family member? Email us and we can set that up for you.

Tour the Space 

If you would like to tour the space to meet us and see what we are all about. Please sign up below, as we are not able to accommodate drop ins. 

Existing Membership Sign Up

For our existing members, please sign up for shop time using our calendly link.

This lets us us know who to expect. 

Current Business Hours:  

Monday: 10am-2pm 5:30-8:30pm 

Tuesday: 5-8:30pm 

Wednesday: 10-5pm 

Thursday: 5-8pm 

*Check our calendar or calendly for the most up to date information. 

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